Announcing "The King Kunta collection" launch

The Mission of the King Kunta Collection: 

To turn the “coon” character and blacks as monkeys into a regal image: Kings and Queens of this Urban Jungle.   

From blackface in the 1950’s to code switching in 2017, we reject the notion that we need to be anything other than black and excellent. King Kunta is an ode to the rebellious slave in Alex Haley’s Roots (Kunta Kinte), as well as a head nod to the thunderous rhymes of Kendrick Lamar’s hit song “King Kunta”.

Black folks have been turning nothing into something since we were forced here from our homeland. Taking what was meant to break us, and using it as motivation to build up our community and realign with our ancestral brilliance. Our chosen mascot, King Kunta, is just another example of such.  


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